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Hello, hello.

It seems like the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition. Whilst I anticipated that I would swing into the new year with gusto this wasn’t really how the past week panned out. Instead of the anticipated vigour I spent most of the week watching a stream of new television mini series with my daughter who was convalescing after surgery. The day of the surgery was long. I was already tired as I’d spent the previous night worrying, as that’s what mothers do and I didn’t sleep well. After accompanying my daughter to the hospital I returned home and waited, and waited, and waited for the phone call that would finally come, telling me that I could come to the hospital to collect her. As she was wheeled out to meet me I felt relieved, however, still somewhat concerned after seeing her face battered and bloody. She was my child and no mother wants to see her offspring in this way. And so it was that we would spend the rest of the week on the couch binge watching TV shows together, the family cat Chili also doing his bit sitting by her side to protect her and show her that he cared.

On Stan we watched Your Honour, a gripping legal thriller about a respected judge Michael Desiato, played by Emmy winner Bryan Cranston whose son Adam (Hunter Dothan) is involved in a hit and run accident. When the judge takes his son to the police station to confess, he learns that the person that his son has accidentally killed in the accident is the son of one of the cities most notorious crime bosses. He tells his son to get back in the car and they return home. The story then becomes a chain of events whereby the judge hides evidence and creates a series of lies to try and cover up his son's involvement in the incident. I can highly recommend you put this thriller at the top of your list.

On Binge we were captivated by another thriller, the story of The Flight Attendant. Hot mess flight attendant Cassie Bowden played by Kaley Cuoco becomes embroiled in a murder investigation when she wakes up in a Bangkok hotel with a dead body beside her. Hungover and with no recollection of what happened the night before, she panics, cleans up the mess and flees to the airport wondering if she’s actually the killer. She continues to make a number of bad decisions as she drinks her way through a series of misdemeanours whilst trying to prove her innocence in the midst of what becomes apparent is a vast criminal conspiracy.

Also on Binge we watched an exciting murder mystery mini series called The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman and an ageing Hugh Grant. The drama tells the story of successful therapist Grace Fraser whose perfect life starts to fall apart after her family finds themselves embroiled in a chain of uncomfortable revelations following the violent death of her husband Jonathon’s lover, Elena. Elena is the mother of one of Jonathon, a paediatric oncologist, patient who he was treating for cancer. Elena is found bludgeoned to death in her studio and circumstantial evidence has made Jonathon the main suspect.

To round out the week we watched the first season of Big Little Lies, a comedic drama following the lives of three women in the wealthy beachside suburb of Monterey, California. On the surface this is a story about a group of parents whose children were starting kindergarten. Madeline, a stay at home mum, played by Reese Witherspoon, is a force to be reckoned with, she is funny, biting and harbours jealousy towards her ex’s new, younger and Zen like wife Bonnie, played by Zoe Kravitz. Celeste, played by Nicole Kidman was once a corporate lawyer and although she gives the illusion that her life is perfect she is bearing the brunt of an abusive and controlling husband. Jane, played by Shailene Woodley, is a single mother new to town who comes with a mysterious past. Madeline and Celeste take her under their wing. When gossip leads to murder at the schools trivia night everyone has a finger to point.

In what can only be described as a relaxing but ‘thrilling’ week I have been very slow to get in the flow.

Until next week, may your days be both serendipitous and enjoyable.


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