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More Christmas daze...

Hello there.

I hope you all had a lovely week.

This week I have continued my Twelve Days of Christmas countdown. Have you been enjoying the gift guide and finding it helpful? So far I can vouch for the fact that I have purchased most of the gifts on the list for both family and friends and I’m excited to see their reaction when they receive them. I have also continued my endeavour to become a more conscious shopper and traveler and support local small businesses. Last year I jumped on the buy from the bush initiative and this year I have made a conscious effort to share the love and support small businesses impacted by the COVID lockdowns in both Melbourne and Sydney, in addition to small businesses in rural and bushfire affected towns. I have also endeavoured to buy less and be more mindful about the choices I have made. I hope I have assisted you in some small way to do the same.

Continuing on from last week's countdown, on the seventh day of Christmas I was starting to think about post Christmas and relaxing on the beach. Today’s gift sings to this message which is why I have chosen this waterproof picnic blanket from @inherelement.designs. These beautiful rugs have been inspired by the four elements of nature, Water, which soothes and heals, Air, refreshes and revives, Earth, grounds and holds, and Fire, which is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. It is no surprise that as a Piscean that I have chosen water for its powers of refreshment. You can choose whichever one you feel brings you comfort.

On the eighth day of Christmas I have chosen a little gift to appeal to the creative child within. It’s no surprise that I love flowers and gardens. Who isn’t uplifted and inspired by all the pretty flowers in the gardens. A little something to eternalise your favourite flowers and encourage creativity, today I have chosen an Australian made flower press available @sownsow to allow your favourite flowers, blossoms and fauna to be preserved and become works of art.

On the ninth day of Christmas I became nostalgic about the things I missed during lockdown. Going to a bar to enjoy a cocktail with a friend was one of them. Enter who have come to the rescue with a collection of cocktails batch-bottled in Australia, each Golden Age cocktail comes with two serves and a complimentary movie night rental from a curated selection of movies on a streaming platform. Tequila and white chocolate tantalise you or a friends tastebuds? Then a Double Yuzu Margarita is the gift you are looking for.

There is something lovely about receiving a gift that is handmade. Making a little edible gift is a nice way to add a personal touch to the festivities and share your love. On the tenth day of Christmas I’ve been in the kitchen making Chocolate Orange Amaretti Cookies using a recipe shared by @cupcakeree Package the cookies into a glass jar with a festive ribbon, sprig of Rosemary and some bright red cherries and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on the fussiest of loved ones.

On the eleventh day of Christmas sweep away the cobwebs and troubles of 2020 with a sturdy handmade broom crafted at the Tumut Broom Factory. Made from Mexican millet, Indian bamboo with Tasmanian hardwood handles and expertly crafted, these legendary brooms will outlast any other. They can be purchased online through either @buyfromthebush or @merchantcampbell or direct from the factory in Tumut.


I interrupt this gift guide service to bring you the Macquarie Dictionary word of the year. Apparently many of us have been doomscrolling, or continuing to read the news feed online although it is predominantly negative and often upsetting. Be happy you weren’t christened Karen, the People’s Choice for Word of the Year, a name given to a middle class white woman with a sense of entitlement who often speaks in a condescending manner and may display a racist attitude. I do feel for all the Karen’s out there as it could’ve been any of our given names.

The final instalment for my twelve days of Christmas gift guide is a gift to myself. Santa if you’re listening let me tell you that I’ve been very good all year and would love to find a beautiful dress under the tree to wear on Christmas Day. I’m channeling this summery number from the new Sunseeker Collection from @misterzimi I do love a good floral and the Gabrielle style in the new Blue Pansy print looks so lovely, fresh and comfortable.

With the shopping nearing completion, it's time to bump up the festivities by throwing on some Christmas carols and sitting down to watch some feel good Christmas movies. Tonight I watched A Sunburnt Christmas newly released on Stan. Not your traditional Christmas movie, and without a snowflake in sight this movie is a comedy filmed in the Australian outback showcasing the climate and traditions we experience in Australia. Daryl, a lovable criminal on the run from a mobster is discovered hiding in the shed of a farm by a child named Daisy. Daryl's getaway outfit of a Santa suit leads Daisy to believe that he is the real deal, and with her older siblings they see Daryl as an opportunity to help save the farm they live on with their single mum. Like all feel good holiday movies there is a chance a Christmas miracle will be born.

Until next week may your days be both serendipitous and enjoyable.


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