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The runaway bride & other trifling matters


Eugenia has run away. She left me a note that, as her less significant other, suggesting I should do this week’s blog. And why has she run away you may ask? For me to answer this truthfully would be to reveal that I have already leaned towards the use of one of a blogger’s primary tools.


You are right, I should be honest with you in my first blog. It is true she is not up to putting he fingers on the keyboard this week. It is true she is not currently in my view. It is true I am undertaking this task at her request, to be more honest if one being honest can be more honest…at her instruction.

You see Eugenia has been hobbled by a chronic issue with her lower back, legs, thighs, knees, hip, upper back etc. This injury has been the attention of radiologists, multiple physiotherapists, doctors, and chemists as we searched out the right balance of physical therapy, chemistry, ointments, liniments, heat packs and needling to alleviate her suffering. Nothing to date has been successful sadly.

I do not wish to burden you with thoughts of Eugenia’s ill health but rather illicit sympathy towards me, her less significant other, for it is I who lies as a direct target support for Eugenia.

Anyway, enough of that I do believe I am to record the events of the week. What did I watch? YouTube videos on back surgery. What did I eat? Lamb backstrap after performing close inspection of the sinews within the meat. Where did I go? To the bedroom and back. I did indulge in a movie if that is worth sharing. It was called About Schmidt. It is about a guy whose wife dies.

If I was to review the week at all in our lives it was to be dominated by the resignation of our most admired Premier, Gladys. Her resignation shocked many and was unsurprising, it appears, to a fewer number whose knowledge of the details around her prior dealings with my money have been greater than mine. The $10 note missing from my wallet is now explained.

Her demise does raise the issue about trust and a very fundamental question around forgiveness. How many rights cover up a wrong? My grandmother taught me that once you burn the cake there is no going back …unless you cut and run it into a trifle.

She told me that what binds the bits n pieces of the trifle together is the cake and the jelly, maybe that makes humanity a little like cake and jelly.. largely crumby and very wobbly. Her recipe is here.

Did you like the segue into the cooking section of the blog? I have kept it simple and easy this week here.

There is a lot to learn from cooking, which I have been doing more of lately. Preparation, a plan, and quality ingredients make the best meals. Which probably why state politics always feels more like a quick takeaway than a five-star dining experience.

Today the sun is shining, spring is hanging in the air with the delta strain of Covid, I am wearing a mask and tending to Eugenia. She prefers me to wear the Chris Hemsworth one... you can get it here:

Probably won’t be asked again.

TSLO (The less significant other)

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